Welcome to the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, a place where we help people get healthy and stay healthy. Our treatment strategies combine Western Medicine with Alternative Therapies, creating sustainable wellness through the marriage of mind, body, and soul.

Lifestyle changes though diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress management are promoted by all our clinicians who use a variety of non-invasive modalities such as Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Counseling, and Psychotherapy. We value the uniqueness of each patient and encourage all to become pro-active in their own health. This results in a rewarding wellness journey towards optimal well-being.

"We practice what I call ‘good medicine’, combining the best of modern contemporary medicine with the best of alternative and complementary medicines. It blends the knowledge we’ve gained from science with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions."

Frank Lipman MD



  • We consider the uniqueness of each patient and how both internal and external factors impact functioning. Just like we all have different physical features and personalities, we also have individualized internal and biochemical make-ups. Our systems are as unique as our fingerprints. Therefore treatments are not a “one size fits all”.

  • We believe that symptoms are a signal of some imbalance in the system. So looking for the root cause, treating the underlying disturbance and restoring balance are more important than simply treating just the symptom.

  • Most diseases are a result of multiple factors and will not respond to a “magic bullet cure”. Therefore our treatment plans take into account the importance of how you eat, sleep, move, protect, unwind, and connect.

  • We believe there is no separation of mind, body and emotions. Thoughts, attitudes and belief system all have a huge impact on our physical well-being.

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Two Award Winning Doctors Team Up to Provide their Patients with the Best Medical Care

Founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer in Integrative and Function medicine, is teaming up with award winning and board certified Internal Medicine physician Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly. “I am excited to be collaborating with Dr. Bojana,” Dr. Lipman said. “She has proven to be a warm, dedicated, supportive physician, whose expertise has truly empowered her clients' health care needs.” 

Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly completed her Integrative Medicine fellowship and is trained in Functional Medicine, nutrition, and mindfulness. Prior to moving to New York City and joining Eleven Eleven Wellness, she practiced primary care at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group in Beverly Hills, CA. She has also worked in executive health at EHE and practices primary care at Crossover Health on a part-time basis.

Patient care approach at Eleven Eleven Wellness is multidisciplinary, evidence-based and personalized. Using their knowledge and experience, Dr. Lipman and Dr. Bojana thoughtfully combine Functional, Integrative, and Western medicine practices to create the optimal plan for each patient and her or his health goals. “As each patient is unique, we tailor our recommendations and treatments to meet each individual's needs and goals,” Dr. Bojana has stated.

The Eleven Eleven Wellness team works with patients to develop the optimal strategy, that will not only address their health goals, but is realistic for their lifestyle. Members of their community also have the opportunity to join small, supportive groups, that will touch on many topics ranging from coping with stress, to nutrition and health. Their team-based approach means that members have access to Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly, Dr. Frank Lipman and the practice's health coaches for their care needs. 

“Dr. Bojana is a wonderful addition to our team,” Dr. Lipman stated. “Her experience will not only enhance Eleven Eleven Wellness, but also its members’ treatments.” Dr. Bojana is equally as enthusiastic, “I am thrilled to be joining Dr. Lipman at Eleven Eleven Wellness. Dr. Lipman gets to the root cause of his patients’ problems, and no matter how complex a condition is, he works through those complexities to get to the source of their disease. I look forward to collaborating with him and providing an outstanding patient experience in our health and wellness sanctuary.” 

Eleven Eleven Wellness Center is located at 32 West 22nd Street in New York City. For additional information or to make an appointment, please contact Eleven Eleven Wellness at (212) 255-1800 or visit elevenelevenwellness.com and drbojana.com.

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